Quality & Certification

Moeijes offers high-quality transportation. We pride ourselves on our good service, good provision of information, punctuality, neatness, and the friendliness of all our employees.

Quality also means having good and well-maintained equipment. Our fleet receives preventative maintenance at our own workshop. This way, we prevent unnecessary holdups down the road.

Food safety is very important to our clients. Using our certified HACCP system, we guarantee safe transportation of foodstuffs for our clients. We have rules regarding hygiene (lorry and driver) and temperatures (measurements and registration), and operate specific maintenance programmes for our vehicles and appliances.

You can download our HACCP certificate in PDF format here.

For the transportation of foodstuffs to Germany is not only the HACCP-system, but also the QS certification demanded. Moeijes, of course, meets all the requirements of QS 

You can download our QS-certificate in PDF format here.

Transport safety is also an important quality aspect. Our well qualified chauffeurs drive with our modern and well preventively maintained trucks which we use to transport all goods in  a safe way. All trucks are certified for 'loadsecurement' with which we offer our customers maximum safety.

You can download our loudsecurement-certificate (ladingzekering-certificaat) in PDF format here.